Research Projects

If high quality transcripts and fast turnaround times are important to you, it's time to put Scribes transcriptionists to work on your team. Canadian based, highly experienced transcribers will handle your transcription project with care and attention. All transcriptionists operate under a confidentiality agreement that is in place, or you may request your own.

We'll work with you to complete your projects as quickly as possible. See our information on Turnaround times.

Pricing is by minute of audio so you always know in advance how much your transcript will cost. Prices vary according to the turnaround time and certain other factors.

For larger ongoing research projects that do not require short turnaround times, please inquire about discounted pricing. Research coordinators that we have provided transcription services to tell us they appreciate our work flow, accuracy and reliability.

We can accept a variety of audio formats including .wav, .dss, .wma, mp3, and many others. If you are having your event professionally recorded, mp3 or .wav would be the preferred format to request from your audio production company.

If you are recording your own material, and have not yet purchased a digital recorder, you can find some helpful information here: Digital Audio Recorders.

To send us your audio files, just establish your account with us in order to access our complimentary file transfer service - just a couple of clicks, and you can upload your audio file and send it to us via SendThisFile. Even very large WAV files transfer in minutes. We'll email your completed transcripts, or return them via SendThisFile-whatever you prefer. Hard copies or CDs may be requested at additional charge. Contact us for a quotation today!


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