Audio File Transfer

To send us your audio files requires no more than a few clicks in our very simple, fast and secure SendThisFile® file transfer service. SendThisFile® utilizes 128 bit SSL encryption.

Once you have established your account with us, you will be provided with a password to send us your audio. This is a free service.

Delivery of Transcripts

Transcripts are delivered to you via email in Word format. Hard copy or CD may be requested at additional charge. We will do our best to accommodate any special formatting requirements you may have, and would be pleased to discuss those with you. You may also choose to have files returned the same way you sent us your audio, that is via SendThisFile® -- just let us know. It's simple, and secure.

Free Trial Offer

You don't have to take our word for it! We'll transcribe a short segment of audio for you at no charge for your evaluation purposes (conditions apply). We have never failed this test yet. Contact us to make arrangements anytime!


We price by the minute of audio. You will always know in advance how much your transcript will cost. Rates vary depending on the type of material to be transcribed, the quality of the audio and the turnaround time required. Contact us for a quotation today.

Turnaround Times

It's your call! We can provide turnaround times to suit any requirement. Once you have established your account with us, you will not require a reservation for most transcript requirements. Longer audios and short turnaround times should be arranged in advance. Choose from these turnaround times:

Turnaround Time = Immediate (6-8 hours)
Turnaround Time = 1 business day
Turnaround Time = 2 business days
Turnaround Time = 3-5 business days

  • Reservations are required for audio volume over 120 minutes per order requiring less than a 2 day turnaround.
  • Reservations are required for audio volume over 200 minutes
  • 30 minute minimum charge applies to all orders
  • After 30 minutes audio is charged in 5 minute increments
Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our transcripts to 99.5% or greater accuracy on clear audio, non-technical, unaccented speakers. Our transcribers make their best efforts to research spellings of proper names, product names and other important terms where these are readily available on the company's website. No transcript can ever be 'perfect' but it's our mission to make them as 'near perfect' as humanly possible. If, for some reason, your transcript falls below 99.5% accuracy, we'll have a different transcriber do it over. Take us up on our Free Trial Offer and find out firsthand.


The protection of your confidential information is very important to us! You may send us your confidentiality agreement, or you can utilize the one we already have in place with our transcribers.

Large Orders

If you have ongoing transcription requirements, or a one-time large volume of audio, contact us for information on volume price discounts.

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